6-9 September 2020

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2-6 February 2020

R.M. Shah's Success Story


A small family business operating for over 50 years, R.M. Shah is a leading gemstone and diamond merchant based in Hatton Garden, London’s jewellery quarter and centre of the diamond and gemstone trade. The company has built a reputation based on expertise and integrity and has a very strong customer base of dealers, jewellery manufacturers and jewellers in the UK and overseas. R.M. Shah sources the stones from Africa and South America, both finished and rough, and carries out every stage of the process except mining and retail.

Six years ago, R.M. Shah decided to start a long term programme to grow the business and expand their customer base. A strategic review identified that some contacts had been lost over time with many customers in the North of England and Scotland. This finding led R.M. Shah to look for an efficient and worthwhile way to reach a large number of people operating in all parts of the UK gemstone market.

OBJECTIVE: To reinforce existing customer relationships and identify potential new customers.


  • R.M. Shah recognised that the Jewellery & Watch show in Birmingham attracted quality retailers to the right location. Exhibiting at the show would help them build brand awareness and meet potential new customers, in particular from the North of England and Scotland.
  • To create brand awareness at Jewellery & Watch, R.M. Shah used the show’s website and advertised in the Buyer’s Guide, while also featuring the show on their own website.
  • Every communication opportunity was used with all emails carrying the Jewellery & Watch footer and a promotional leaflet was included with every invoice and letter.


Jewellery & Watch has enabled R.M. Shah to accelerate building their brand with the right people, increase their customer base and sales in the UK.

Build strong relationships

  • • Opportunity to answer customer questions and demonstrate expert knowledge
  • • Establish what each customer wants from a gemstone merchant partnership

Identify new customers

  • • Showcase the wide range of gemstones at different price levels on offer
  • • Highlight the proven sales opportunity with quality stones at every price point

Develop the brand

  • • Reinforce the image of a strong, growing brand with a reputation for quality and integrity
  • • Build customer confidence by demonstrating in-depth gemstone expertise


  • Discussions with existing customers and potential partners
  • Sales achieved on the stand and post-show
  • Valuable feedback on market trends
  • Strong foundation for future sales success

"Exhibiting at Jewellery & Watch is a much more efficient and cost-effective way to reach the people we want to approach rather than having a sales rep on the road. What’s more, as an important UK show, our participation reminds customers of our long term successful presence in the market."

Nilesh Shah, Director at R.M. Shah

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