6-9 September 2020

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2-6 February 2020

Nomination's Success Story


Established in 1987 by Paolo Gensini, Nomination has built it's own market through the design of the Composable bracelet, a modern day charm bracelet made from interchangeable links. Each link is made of stainless steel and then decorated with 18k gold letters and symbols. Today, there are over 3,000 links available, enabling customers to create bracelets that tell their own unique life story with each link representing a significant event.

The company has 5,000 independent retailers in 50 countries worldwide, including 300 in the UK. The nature of the product means that it is often a face-to-face sale, both from Nomination to the retailers and then to the customer. It is critical that retail staff understand the concept and are enthusiastic about the product so that they showcase it properly. Experience has shown that this leads to an initial sale and follow-up sales of links over time.

The challenge Nomination faces today is to cost-effectively reach a substantial number of quality retailers to discuss the Composable concept.

OBJECTIVE: To identify potential retailers who see the Composable opportunity.


  • Nomination identified that the Jewellery & Watch show was the right place to meet potential retailers. The company created a strong brand presence at the show through social media, advertising in the Buyer’s Guide, and creating an online profile on the show’s website, featuring the Nomination collection.
  • The aim was to encourage people to visit the stand and start a conversation around the sales opportunities the Composable range offers.
  • What’s more, potential buyers learned more about the merchandising training and support provided by Nomination.


Jewellery & Watch enabled Nomination to build their brand with the right people and increase sales across the UK market. Identifying potential stockists through in-depth discussions about shared values was a key measurement of success, and the show provided the right environment to achieve this.

Build strong relationships

  • • Opportunity to discuss in detail the potential match between retailers and Nomination
  • • Learn first-hand what customers think and how they feel about the Composable concept

Identify new stockists

  • • Showcase the Composable concept and the high quality of the bracelet and the links
  • • Highlight the proven sales and revenue opportunity with Nomination

Develop the brand

  • • Reinforce the image of a growing brand that delivers a unique customer experience
  • • Educate retail partners on the sales techniques for Composable bracelets


  • Discussions with many potential stockists
  • Sales achieved on the stand and post-show
  • Valuable feedback on market trends
  • Strong foundation for future sales success


"Jewellery & Watch is a great show for us – it’s more than just presenting our latest collection. During the show, we focus on having meaningful business discussions with potential stockists. And this is the right place for us because of the high quality of people who want to add something extra to their stores and can see how we can help them do this. We had a very successful show."

Alessandro Gensini, Marketing Director at Nomination

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