6-9 September 2020

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2-6 February 2020

LucyQ's Success Story


LucyQ was founded by Lucy Quartermaine almost 10 years ago; however it is in the last 4 years that the business has really taken off. The brand ethos is simple and clear – to create jewellery with outstanding designs that are different, will last forever and that is of exceptional quality.

Based in Chester, England, LucyQ has won numerous awards and her designs are worn by international celebrities around the world. Working in Sterling Silver, LucyQ draws from many themes as diverse as water, jigsaw puzzle pieces, buttons
and umbrellas. LucyQ designs are available in over 140 shops and galleries in the UK and through major online companies including Argos and Amazon. 

LucyQ had tried a number of shows but found that they didn’t work well due to the breadth of product they covered and a lack of focus on jewellery.

OBJECTIVE: To identify a launch platform for new collections that specialises in jewellery and attracts buyers from high quality jewellers in the UK and internationally.


  • LucyQ is an award winning jewellery designer whose pieces are renowned for their exceptional quality and are worn by celebrities around the world
  • Specialising in Sterling Silver, LucyQ has grown rapidly over the last 4 years and having tried many shows, searched for one that really understands the jewellery market in which to promote its products
  • LucyQ has used Jewellery & Watch for several years and the 2015 show delivered great results – 50 new accounts were signed up and many customers placed major orders
  • Jewellery & Watch provides the right environment to launch new designs, meet new prospects and encourage customers to touch and try on the products, with this personal involvement in the brand often leading to sale


  • pecialist show, that focuses on the jewellery market
  • Integrate Jewellery & Watch into the company’s business development programme
  • Take a stand space to build presence 
  • Active use of Jewellery & Watch marketing programme


LucyQ has been part of Jewellery & Watch since 2012 and in 2015 enjoyed a record year of success at the show with the stand being used by many buyers to place major orders. 

Launch new designs

  • Promote new designs and collections to high number of designers in just a few days
  • Opportunity to create outstanding displays for all the products

Bring the brand alive

  • Customer can see, touch and wear the products
  • Create emotional involvement and excitement in the brand

Meet customers face-to-face

  • Build better knowledge of customers and gain market feedback
  • Develop stronger relationships that create increased sales opportunities


  • Opened 50 new accounts at Jewellery & Watch 2015
  • Major sales success with high orders taken
  • Increased brand visibility through PR around the show
  • Immediately booked stand for 2016

"I say that life is too short for boring jewellery and too short for boring shows. For me, Jewellery & Watch is always exciting and it's a great place to build business."

Lucy Quartermaine, Founder at LucyQ

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