6-9 September 2020

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2-6 February 2020

Bering's Success Story


BERING is only 5 years old and is already selling in 50 countries worldwide. At the heart of its success are the brand elements; simple classic ‘arctic’ design and the highest levels of manufacture quality, great packaging and highly competitive pricing - all building an exceptional customer experience. As a result, the brand is able to virtually guarantee sales for new stockists from day one.

In 2015 the company is launching its Arctic Symphony Rings that have been hugely successful in Germany. To maintain growth and fully capitalise upon products that can attract new customers to the brand, BERING is constantly looking to increase its penetration of the watch and jewellery market. With a small UK team, effective time management in reaching retailers who understand the importance of product display is essential. 

OBJECTIVE: To identify a sales environment in which the full customer experience of the BERING brand and its products can be presented to a highly targeted market.


  • Bering is a rapidly growing brand known for very high quality watches with a unique Arctic design style at great prices
  • With a small UK team, the focus is on engaging retailers in the brand through high quality displays and creating the opportunity to touch and examine the products and packaging – bringing alive the full customer experience
  • Since launching at Jewellery & Watch 2012, the company has built a UK business serving 400+ retailers and in 2015 will reach turnover of £3M
  • Jewellery & Watch 2015 was a very successful show with 18 new accounts signed up and significant buyer interest in both existing and new products – in particular ceramic watches


  • BERING first exhibited 2012
  • Integrate Jewellery & Watch, part of Spring Fair, into business development programme
  • Continuous presence has built on the initial success
  • Active use of Jewellery & Watch marketing programme


BERING has been marketed at Jewellery & Watch every year since 2012 and the show has played a vital role in the successful growth of the brand in the competitive UK market.

Be visible

  • Opportunity to promote new products and ranges
  • Support on-going brand building programme

Make the brand tangible

  • Bring the customer experience alive
  • The products creates emotional involvement Stronger customer relationships
  • Informal discussions build understanding of the BERING brand
  • Great presentation of the products in beautifully lit display cabinets

Platform for 2015

  • New stockists at the start of 2015 drive rapid sales growth
  • New products attract retailers who had not previously considered BERING


  • 18 new accounts signed up
  • Successful launch of new products
  • New opportunities with existing customer and new prospects
  • Cost-effective and time efficient sales development


"Bering at Jewellery & Watch is critical to our business, I cannot imagine us not being at this show and it is the first activity we always put into our calendar " Ian Latham, UK Country Manager at Bering

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