7-11 February 2021

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2-6 February 2020

Rosie Davies- Smith

Rosie Davies- Smith

Founder, PR Dispatch
United Kingdom
Rosie is the founder of PR Dispatch (www.prdispatch.com) - the UK’s first and only PR membership platform dedicated to the success of product-based businesses. After realising that there are so many amazing product businesses out there that can’t justify the cost of a traditional PR agency she decided to launch PR Dispatch. Also, the founder and director of LFA (www.lfa.agency), an award-winning PR agency, information and advice from the PR agency is fed straight to the brands at PR Dispatch that need that little bit more support. Through PR Dispatch brands are given contacts, support, advice, and workshops that give them the confidence and skills to do their own PR and get great results. In 2016 Rosie won the Great British Creative Industries Entrepreneur of the year.