7-11 February 2021

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2-6 February 2020

Marriot Lusengo

Marriot Lusengo

Founder & CEO, The London School of Digital Marketing

Marriott Lusengo is the founder and CEO of London School of Digital Marketing (LSDM), an industry focused Digital and Tech School dedicated to Teaching, Training and Transferring knowledge to enhance individuals and businesses with the skills needed to meet the challenges of our economy. In an era of digital disruption, Marriott trains individuals and businesses to evolve from simply thinking digital to practically being digital.

He is an internationally experienced results-driven founder and a prominent advocate for education and digital literacy with a background in delivering workshops, business development, digital marketing consultancy and training. Marriott has been instrumental in the creation of a broad range of Digital Marketing Specialist courses including Diplomas and has developed a Digital Marketing Career & Qualifications Roadmap which act as a career path for students and businesses.

Marriott’s personal goal is to continue working with, train individuals and businesses in Digital Marketing & Tech, to provide excellence in what he does whilst enjoying the journey.