7-11 February 2021

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2-6 February 2020


The Selfridges Experience: experience + new thinking = loyalty

Inspiring Retail Stage (Hall 6)
Selfridges, the iconic luxury brand, is known for many things, the bold yellow and black brand, the on trend and aspirational luxury products, the visual merchandising and the service. However, what Selfridges has excelled at in recent years is building a fantastic customer experience for every customer as they walk through the door. They have also bucked another ever increasing trend, Selfridges doesn't discount. Its not just a line, it's a fact. So how has this Iconic store managed that in the current retail climate? They are obsessive about their customers. Join as we hear from Joanna Kinsey, Customer experience Manager at Selfridges Birmingham as she gives an insider insight into how they are truly building memorable experiences, exploring new retail concepts, and building a loyalty programme build on value not level of discount.