2-6 February 2020

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3-7 February 2019

Seminar Programme

  1. Celebrating success in the Jewellery market
  2. The Studio
  3. Become a destination for Horophiles
  4. The Studio
    Emerging design talent
  5. The Studio
    Creating images that visually engage
  6. The Studio
    Working out what will work for you?
  7. The Studio
    What can we learn from Marie Antoinette?
  8. The Studio
    Engaging your customers to drive physical footfall
  9. The Studio
  10. The Studio
    How are synthetic diamonds impacting the market?
  11. The Studio
  12. The Studio
    Success in a hostile retail environment
  13. The Studio
  14. The Studio

    A foundation session on the treatments commonly used to enhance  gemstones

  15. The Studio
    A foundation session on assessing coloured gemstones
  16. The Studio
    Update yourself on the essentials
  17. The Studio
    Giving you the knowledge to have confidence in your product
  18. The Studio
    In conversation with Rachel Galley
  19. The Studio
    Re-igniting the demand for jewellery
  20. The Studio
    Understanding your customers
  21. The Studio
    How does your profile help your business?
  22. The Studio
    Take inspiration from the creativity
  23. The Studio
    Tapping into high value customers
  24. The Studio
    Be inspired by four key colour stories for Spring Summer 2020, Idyll, Kinship, Mask and Parade
  25. The Studio
    Find out what will be the stand out trends
  26. The Studio