7-11 February 2021

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2-6 February 2020

Seminar Programme

  1. Inspiring Retail Stage (Hall 6)
    Join Mary Portas, the 'Queen of Shops' to hear why she believes retail must adopt a kinder way of operating
  2. Retail Skills Theatre (Hall 2)
    A back to basics approach to visual merchandising
  3. Inspiring Retail Stage (Hall 6)
    Discover how Selfridges continue to push the boundaries of customer experience
  4. Design and Source Stage (Hall 19)
    A look at alternative packaging that is sustainable and practicle
  5. Retail Skills Theatre (Hall 2)
    Find out how you can improve your copywriting skills and better advertise your business
  6. Inspiring Retail Stage (Hall 6)
    Hear from this panel of independent retailers about how they are taking their business in a sustainable way
  7. Retail Skills Theatre (Hall 2)
    Discover how you can monetise your social media activity
  8. Design and Source Stage (Hall 19)
    A unique insight into the minds of some of the most established designers in the UK.
  9. Retail Skills Theatre (Hall 2)
    Discover how to make your business more visible to potential customers with search enging optimisation
  10. Inspiring Retail Stage (Hall 6)
    Find out how Google Market Finder can introduce your business to new international markets
  11. Inspiring Retail Stage (Hall 6)
    Hosted by Captivate Brands
  12. Inspiring Retail Stage (Hall 6)
    Despite the headlines, it's not all doom and gloom for the high street find out from Michael why there of plenty of reasons to be optimistic for the future of the high street
  13. Inspiring Retail Stage (Hall 6)
    Discover different digital marketing channels and learn how to use them to build a digital marketing strategy.
  14. Inspiring Retail Stage (Hall 6)
    With customers becoming increasingly fickle, how can retailers build customer loyalty
  15. Inspiring Retail Stage (Hall 6)
    Discover the key trends for Spring and Summer 2021 that will help to better inform your buying decisions.
  16. Retail Skills Theatre (Hall 2)
    How can branding, communication and online marketing strategies enhance your business?
  17. Retail Skills Theatre (Hall 2)
    Get your products in the press with these 8 simple steps
  18. Inspiring Retail Stage (Hall 6)
    What can you do to become a more sustainable retailer?
  19. Retail Skills Theatre (Hall 2)
    Learn how to give your social media direction and purpose with a content plan.