3-7 February 2019

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3-7 February 2019


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  • Ischia Collection
    Fine Italian Jewellery set with Diamonds and natural Colored Stones
  • I Love You Pendant
    This stunning sterling silver heart-shaped pendant is inscribed with famous lines from the greatest writer in the English language. The substantial pendant is engraved with the Shakespearean verse from Much Ado About Nothing, "I love you with so much of my heart that none is left to protest…" The pendant comes complete on a flexible silver omega collar.
  • Inverurie horses brooch
    Inverurie horses brooch – a pewter brooch with embossed Inverurie horses design. Secures to a garment by way of a pin with locking, safety catch. The Celts regarded the horse as a symbol of sovereignty. When depicted as a mare, the horse also symbolises the power of the mother goddess. Known as Epona (Gaul), Rhiannon (Wales), or Macha (Ireland) she is often depicted with a basket and key symbolising nourishment and guardianship. The horses are based on a Pictish horse engraving found on a stone in Iverurie, Scotland. Diameter: 51mm Supplied in a satin and velvet-lined gift box.
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