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Why Jewellery & Watch is important for Tankel of Glasgow

24 Jan 2018

“Jewellery & Watch allows us to discuss with existing customers plans for the coming year and always gives us the opportunity to meet with new potential clients. As our reputation grows for having the right diamonds at the right prices we anticipate a very busy show”, Tony Tankel, Director.

Tankel is a family run business specialising in the import of diamonds and is one of UK’s most important diamond companies, supplying loose diamonds and manufactured diamond jewellery to retail shops throughout the UK and Ireland.

“The Magic is in the Service” the ethos of the company enables Tankel to build very strong relationships and partnerships with its clients. Priding themselves on the ability to buy well from international markets. As the company does not have high cost basis, it is able to pass this advantage on to its customer.

The reality in these tough economic times, understood by Tankel, is that those who offer the best value will have a better chance of achieving a sale. Tankel have a reputation for sourcing large diamonds from 2ct to 7ct at fabulous prices and has resulted in the company being the first port of call for a growing number of retailers in the UK.

Tankel are able to consistently source diamonds that are high in colour with small marks, not visible to the naked eye. As the diamond market remains very price sensitive, there is an increasing demand for these kinds of stones.

Tankel are renowned for supplying superb value 1 carat diamonds. The value of these diamonds is exceptional due to the company’s long-standing connection with one of the world’s leading diamond producers.

What we are bringing to Jewellery & Watch in 2018

At Jewellery & Watch, Tankel will use the opportunity to strengthen close working relationships with their retail clients and develop new partnerships. Tankel will have some fabulous new large diamonds at fantastic prices.

Trust is a vital component of the diamond business, and Tankel work very hard to promote this as a key strength of the company. The company have been working with their main supplier and a number of their customers for three generations and in today’s world that is something very special.

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