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Ravn Watches brand history

14 May 2018


RAVN Watches: A History

Showcasing attention to detail and aesthetic appearance, the design of RAVN Watch, is inspired by the church bell in Tórshavn Cathedral. A timeless reminder, the pure and untainted sound of the church bell typifies the never-ending charm of this beautiful rural capital. Each glimpse of your RAVN Watch, is a cue to remember the importance of using time wisely.

The first Faroese watch brand was launched on a dark and cold winter evening in December 2016, inspiring great excitement at the jewellery and watch store, Nomi Smykkur og Ur, in Tórshavn.

Beer and wine bottles flowed freely, food had been prepared and the watches were displayed. Among the many speeches, the Minister of Trade and Industry expressed his enthusiastic congratulations on this new business venture, and wished Ravn Watches the best of luck in the future. The brand had become a reality.

Since then, the reception for RAVN Watches has been great. Sales are good and the feedback has been positive, says CEO Niels L Arge as he reflects on the last year of this new venture. The company’s goal is to reach the global market, and as of today Ravn Watches can be purchased in several countries across Europe, as well as via their website.

Niels qualified as an optician in 1991, and a talent for crafting runs in his family. His great grandfather was an excellent goldsmith and owner of a jewellery and watch shop in Tórshavn. In 1959 he was commissioned to design and handcraft a set of silver jewellery for the Faroese national costume, which Crown Princess Margrethe of Denmark received as a gift and wore, when the royal family visited the Faroe Islands.



Niels’ uncle was a watchsmith, and took over his father´s business, while keeping the tradition of drawing and handcrafting jewellery for the Faroese national costume. In 2008 Niels and his wife, Nomi, opened their first jewellery and watch shop and optical practice, leading to their watch adventure.

It’s a dream that the couple had for many years, and in 2015 they finally decided to take that giant leap. Building on their success, Niels is constantly creating new designs and developing the Ravn brand. He begins with an initial idea, and drafts it on paper. This process goes back and forth until it is ready to be drawn on a software program, Niels explains.

Nomi and Neil work well together, and they’re both a part of the creative process of designing, Niels says, as he reflects on the many moments he and his wife have together in this context.  Furthermore, Niels says that the knowledge and extensive experience Nomi has in the jewellery business benefits Ravn Watches tremendously, advising such as decisions on colours, straps, displays and so on.

It is all about getting the right dimensions in place and therefore a lot of work and thought goes into each watch. The quality of the watch is of utmost importance, Niels explains, which is why they made the decision to construct the watches with sapphire glass and Swiss-made movements.

Some watches take longer to design than others. The most simplistic design took over a month to design. In some cases, the process can last up to six months from an initial idea to the finished product. In total there are 26 different designs deriving from five different subjects, with inspiration coming from the landscape and culture of the Faroe Islands, incorporating a touch of Faroese tradition and history in each RAVN Watch created.


RAVN Watches 

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