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2-6 February 2020

Jewellery & Watch Owner Announces New Name and Identity

23 Oct 2019

One month ago, the owner of Spring Fair and Jewellery & Watch announced a change of name and a new brand identity. Hyve Group plc isn’t just about putting a fresh spin on a successful company; it’s all about creating a fundamentally different business ethos that prioritises quality, innovation and ideas.

Behind our retail events including Spring Fair, Jewellery & Watch, Pure London, and Moda is an experienced and ambitious team, supported by a strong business that has evolved into a globally recognised exhibition organiser. There have been big changes in this industry over the last three decades and as a business we have always handled them by focusing on our customers and what they really want. Having worked for Spring Fair and Jewellery & Watch we have seen many of these twists, turns and triumphs first-hand. 

We recently embarked on one of our biggest ever investment programs, with the aim of better serving our customers in a changing and fast-paced digital world. The conclusion of this successful program led to Hyve – a new identity that fits our aspirations and reflects all elements of the transformation we have undergone.

We are Hyve. Our bold new look symbolises our obsession with quality, our focus on personal connections and our ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of our industry. We know that in the age of social media, where product and people are visible at the touch of a button, trade events need to serve a new purpose. We believe this purpose is creating opportunities to make authentic, supportive connections, rooted in the real (and not perceived) needs of the industries we represent.

So, what’s next? We are on a mission to spark connections, empower communities, broaden horizons and ignite opportunities. One of our core values is, of course, to create unmissable events. This is the driving force behind the complete overhaul and re-edit of Spring Fair, as well as the move of Jewellery & Watch to Hall One. In 2020, everyone who comes to Spring Fair and Jewellery & Watch will find themselves walking new routes and seeing new products along the way. By meticulously and ambitiously restructuring Spring Fair and Jewellery & Watch we are creating new adjacencies and allowing buyers to see related products and inspiring newness that they may not have considered previously.

In a world where digital communications dominate our everyday lives, we are also prioritising bringing people together and encouraging personal connections. We all know that people buy from people in the long term and it is this spirit that we are focusing on.

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