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Jewellery & Watch celebrates #MAGICALMOMENTS with 2018 campaign

28 Dec 2017


Revelling in the significant events that are associated with a particular piece of jewellery, Magical Moments has been curated to further highlight, support and celebrate the unrivalled consumer experience the jewellery industry is renowned for. 

From the initial purchase of an engagement ring for your loved one or christening jewellery for your young ones these captivating moments span generations. Magical Moments encourages Jewellery & Watch exhibitors and visitors to share the personal and emotional stories behind their much-loved pieces with buyers and retailers from across the industry. 

“All the jewellery I make is meaningful to me, there is no one piece more important than the other. They all have a special place in time”
, British Designer, Alex Monroe.

Exhibitors at Jewellery and Watch will be bringing new and exclusive designs to help retailers provide Magical Moments for consumers in 2018 and beyond. 

Everything we do is full of meaning. For us it’s never just about the jewellery; the story and inspirations behind a bespoke design are just as important. We love getting to know our customers, hearing their stories and using elements of their narrative to make jewellery that they will love for the rest of their lives”, Bespoke Jewellery Designer Harriet Kelsall.

We constantly hear of Magical Moments in the industry, from the precious engagement ring purchase to the traditional gold watch gift at retirement. I am so pleased to be highlighting these moments with our 2018 campaign and look forward to hearing many more Magical Moments from visitors and exhibitors alike.  It’s these moments that make the Jewellery industry so unique and we aim to celebrate them at the upcoming show.” Managing Director, Julie Driscoll

The 6 faces that make up the 2018 campaign include British designer Alex Monroe, jewellery designer and founder of his namesake brand, Fei Lui, bespoke jewellery designer Harriet Kelsall, NAJ Chairman Simon Johnson, Gary Wroe, Group Managing Director of Hockley Mint and Clogau’s Managing Director Ben Roberts, to develop the sense of community and continuity of the show with Magical Moments for the coming year.

Ben Roberts, Managing Director at Clogau describes what Magical Moments means to him, “All the pieces we make are meaningful in a variety of ways. Every piece tells a story, a story that the wearer likes to know and likes to pass on to their friends. We know we’re not just selling the jewellery, we’re creating meaningful jewellery that become heirloom pieces”.  


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