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How independent retailers can thrive: invest in customer service

05 Feb 2019

By David Brough

Investing in topnotch customer service and forging a clear identity, will be key for independent retailers to flourish, panellists said in a seminar at Jewellery & Watch.

“People want the best of service and the best of experience — and if you can do that, you will thrive,” said Dominic Gomersall, Managing Director of Leicester independent jeweller Lumbers.

Peter Wong, Managing Director of Wongs Jewellers, said that securing repeat business was important.

“We’re seeing second and third generation customers coming in now,” he said of the Liverpool family jeweller founded in 1979.

Wongs use events as a way of establishing the brand’s identity and differentiating it from the multiples.

The discussion was chaired by Siobhan Holt, Deputy Editor of Retail Jeweller.

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