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2-6 February 2020

Designer Rachel Galley says: Be True to Yourself

03 Feb 2019

By David Brough

Designer Rachel Galley, who has developed her eponymous brand over a decade and is now stocked by dozens of retailers, advises new designers entering the industry to stick to their guns and follow their own design path and inspiration.

“Stay true to what you want to do. Don’t be swayed,” Rachel told Siobhan Holt, Deputy Editor of Retail Jeweller, at a seminar in The Studio on the first day of Jewellery & Watch.

“(If you are swayed) You might spend a lot of time and money on something you may not want.”

Rachel described her varied career since graduating, including spells working for Links of London and Boodles, and spoke of her successes in a number of industry awards.

She said that it was probably easier for a designer to enter the industry a decade ago compared to today, because there was less competing supply then — and today’s social media creates a host of new challenges.


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