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2-6 February 2020

HS Walsh

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HS Walsh are a leading supplier of tools and equipment to the Jewellery and Horology industries. From bench tools to advanced workshop solutions, we have a superb range of products to suit all Jewellers, Goldsmiths, Silversmiths, Watchmakers, Clockmakers and repairers. We now export to more than 150 countries worldwide and are renowned for our excellent service and friendly approach to all our customers.


Hunter House
Biggin Hill
TN16 3BN
United Kingdom


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  • Witschi Proofmaster C Pressure and Vacuum Tester
    The NEW generation ProofMaster – more compact, faster, more accurate The latest technology and smart algorithms are part of its DNA. Based on many years of experience, a device has been designed that is characterised by the easiest possible operation and parameterisation. It impresses with rapid and reliable tightness testing, small space requirements, optimal protection of watches against scratching and its ergonomic design. The new ProofMaster is adaptable With modular option packages and accessories, the individual requirements of watchmakers, service centres, production facilities and laboratories are covered perfectly. WiCoTRACE software The ProofMaster can be used as a stand-alone device or in conjunction with the PC software WiCoTRACE 3. This provides additional possibilities for the measurement analysis and the professional administration of parameters and results, either locally or centrally.
  • Bodor BML-FC30 Laser Engraving Unit
    This BML-FC30 unit is the perfect solution for retailers wanting to personalise jewellery and giftware quickly and efficiently. It has a small footprint so it will compliment any office or workshop and can be placed on a desktop or bench. With the BML-FC30 unit, you can engrave or mark virtually any product in any material!
  • 3Design Jewellery CAD Software Solutions
    3DESIGN. Create traditional, bespoke or mass production jewellery within 3Design. Use the history tree to adjust your design. Modifications are automatic; a BIG time saving factor when deadlines and quick changes need to be made. 3SHAPER. Ideal for designers interested in pushing the boundaries even further and to include freeform and organic shapes to their models. Using subdivision modelling, designers can push, twist and bend models like they would with clay. DEEPIMAGE. Forget about photo shoots! If you are looking for a quick and simple rendering system, DeepImage is the one for you. This photo-realistic module is easy to use by simply dragging and dropping your materials from the gallery.
  • GemPen®
    GemPen® is a brand new, portable instrument for validating gemstones. Founded by industry professionals and utilizing top-tier technology, GemPen® enables professional users to: Validate the identity of gemstones, distinguish natural from synthetic and identify treatment of gemstones. GemPen® works for diamonds, rubies and sapphires. See it on stand D72-E73
  • Witschi ChronoProof Pro® 3 Bar Waterproof Watch Tester
    The most simple seal test ever. Insert watch, close the chamber and the rest takes place automatically. ChronoProof Pro® is the ideal seal testing device for the salesroom. The worlds first seal testing device with an integrated compressor. Comes with integrated printer, you can print out your test results at the touch of a button. The header of the print-out slip can be personalised with your company name and logo. New: Individual vacuum and pressure test cycles up to 3 bar can be selected by the user on PC.The new PC – Software «ChronoProof Setup» allows you to create your own single and double tests program or to use the «automatic mode». All created test programs and ticket layouts will be saved as file into the memory of the Chronoproof and PC, till the parameters will be changed by the user.
  • Witschi Watch Expert IV (4) Mechanical Watch Timing Machine
    WITSCHI WATCH EXPERT IV (4) The most advanced WATCH EXPERT ever developed to meet the requirements and demands of watchmaking experts. Generations of watchmakers have used it in the practice of their skills – here is the very latest WATCH EXPERT in its fourth generation. We are fully autorised by Witschi for in house calibration, if you would like to take advantage of this service please contact mail@hswalsh.com for further details.
  • Orion Laser Welder LZR100
    The LZR100 laser welding machine provides a powerful tabletop machine with all the technological and engineering benefits of other larger models. This small machine delivers a higher-duty cycle that meets the demanding work needs, with professional results, and for far less than larger machines – a truly significant benefit for any budget. The LZR models need only 21-1/2″W x 24″D x 18″H of workspace and weigh less than 100 pounds; they’re easy to move and set up, easy to use and easy to maintain.
  • Orion 150s V2 Pulse Arc Welder
    The New Orion 150s V2 is the ideal welding tool that every industry needs!! Save time doing simple and complicated work such as butt joints, filling porosity, adding metal, attaching different size pieces, or any other application you may encounter. Increase efficiency with this easy to use system!
  • Elma Solvex VA Ultrasonic & Vacuum Watch Cleaning Machine
    Elmasolvex VA Watch Cleaning Machine for manufacturers and service centres who require ultrasonic cleaning. Elmasolvex VA uses multi-frequency ultrasound for regular component cleaning as well as a separate frequency for very delicate parts that require special handling. The parts are cleaned in a chamber in which cleaning and rinsing solutions are changed automatically. Programs are configured and launched quickly and easily using a high-resolution colour display. The system provides reliable default programs and an expert mode that allows watchmakers to configure and save their own tried and tested parameters
  • Elma S100/H Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank
    A large and powerful ultrasonic unit well suited for use in a busy workshop. Capacity 9.5 Litres. Tank dimensions (W x L x D) 300 x 240 x 150mm. External dimensions (W x L x D) 365 x 278 x 264mm. Ultrasonic peak max. (Standard sine-wave modulation) 600 Watt Heating power 0-400 Watt. Total power consumption 150-550 Watt Sweep function Degas function Carry handles Drain Capacity 9.50 Litres. Supplied with lid.
  • GRS GraverMach AT
    The Gravermach AT unit is the perfect machine that helps to engrave, carve, set stones & decorate multiple types of materials from metal to leather. The units two different power settings allows for either controlled impact power or ultra high speed rotary power with expanded capabilities for precise selectable hand control.
  • GRS Gravermax G8
    The GraverMax G8 is an upgraded model of the previous GraverMax. The GraverMax G8 features 400-8000 strokes per minute, a throttle bias adjustment valve for tailoring throttle response, and a dual-stage precision air regulator. Advanced ergonomics include front air pressure adjustment. Quick Connect air couplings, rear mount throttle connection, and an advanced valve pulse unit that operates with virtually no noise or vibration. The GraverMax G8 has connections for two impact handpieces and an auxiliary air connection for other air tools, including the 850 Rotary handpiece. The G8 comes with a footpedal and oil filter complete with instructions. Hand pieces and tools are all sold separately.
  • Horotec MSA19.807 Dust Vacuum Machine
    Horotec MSA19.807 Dust Vacuum Machine. Oil free, very quiet (less than 48 decibels) and compatible for use in a white room. 1 work station supplied with vacuum pencil with soft brush, Ø10mm PVC pipe (3 metres) and screw-on support with base and fixing height 37cm.
  • Horotec MSA01.205 Screwdriver Set Of 12
    Horotec MSA01.205 set of 12 watchmakers screwdrivers with knurled stainless steel handle on aluminium solid stand. Colour coded holes for fast identification and non-skid base. Delivered with 21 replacement hardened blue steel blades in the central compartment of the stand protected by the red cover. Sizes Ø0.50mm, Ø0.60mm, Ø0.70mm, Ø0.80mm, Ø1.00mm, Ø1.20mm, Ø1.40mm, Ø1.50mm, Ø1.60mm, Ø2.00mm, Ø2.50mm and Ø3.00mm.
  • Bergeon 5555/10 Immersion Waterproof Watch Tester
    Bergeon 5555/10 Waterproof Tester. Upgraded version of Bergeon 5555/98 waterproof tester. Features strengthened cylinder to withstand increased pressure, large diameter chamber Ø70mm and a valve for connection to a pump or compressor allowing testing to 10 bar (100 metres). Cylinder removable for easy draining. Capacity: 2 watches. Dimensions 275mm x 167.50mm x 390mm. Swiss Made.
  • Bergeon 7011 Panoramic Support
    A beautifully made stand with a heavy composition base housing 5 anodised aluminium oilpots with lids. Each segment is fully adjustable. Features centrally placed cleaning block with transparent dust-proof cover. Satin aluminium and black finish. Supplied with 5 colour coded stainless steel screwdrivers with elastomer membrane (0.80-2.50mm) and 5 colour coded precision oilers.
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