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Jewellery & Watch to celebrate Great British Talent with new area

Jewellery & Watch is to shine a light on recognised and up-and-coming Great British Talent at its forthcoming event with a live demonstration area on the show floor. In association with the NAJ the new feature area will showcase and celebrate various craftsmanships from across the jewellery and watch industry, from silversmithing to diamond setting and engraving, housing different experts each day of the show. 

Among those selected is Ian Hall, Founder of bespoke fine jewellers Lasting Impressions, whose successful career journey began in Birmingham’s famous Jewellery Quarter, where he spent over 15 years honing his skills. He was then selected by the BJA in 2012 to play a key role in the manufacturing process of a gift for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, entitled ‘The Eternal Dove Brooch’ [pictured left], to commemorate her Diamond Jubilee year. 

Traditional hand engraver Matthew Smith will also showcase his talent at Jewellery & Watch, refined over nearly 30 years in the industry. From retailers and young designers to the Royal Household, Smith’s opulent career has welcomed a variety of esteemed clients, for whom he has engraved jewellery, silverware, regalia and musical instruments.

ian hall jewelleryalexander davis jewellerysusi smithers and nikki jackson from the rock houndstephen grenshaw jewellery

Award-winning jewellery designer Alexander Davis will share his cutting-edge innovation with visitors to Jewellery & Watch. With a background in biochemistry and extraordinary skills in mounting and CAD work, the designer fuses scientific and natural influences for a wholly unique and beautiful result.

Also proficient in CAD design and other modern techniques, as well as the more traditional crafts of silversmithing, spinning, engine turning and soldering, Steve Millington of family-owned company L J Millington will add to the list of Great British Talent. With a client portfolio covering many of the top names in the retail giftware sector, Millington is widely experienced in designing and manufacturing high-quality products in silver, gold, silver plate, brass and copper.  

Gemmologist jew

ellers Susi Smithers and Nikki Jackson of The Rock Hound, will also present their creative skills at Jewellery & Watch. Renowned for creating playful and bold design-led pieces from responsibly sourced, raw materials, the duo continue to push the boundaries of jewellery design through their ability to shape and form their own gemstones.

Further exampling flawless gem and diamond setting will be Vaughn Adkins of V.W Adkins Gemsetting, based in the heart of the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. Working alongside a skilled goldsmith, Adkins will demonstrate the comprehensive services provided by the company, including highly-skilled traditional benchwork and accurate stone setting. 

Budding jewellery craftsman Stephen Redshaw will also add to the line-up of Great British Talent. Fuelled by a passion for jewellery, the former Holts Academy apprentice is currently undertaking formal training in the mounting shop at Hockley Mint, where he has high ambitions to further his career. Hockley Mint will also exhibit its latest bridal collections at Jewellery & Watch, featuring new finished diamond items across its Mari Me and Wedfit ranges, with over 50 new diamond wedding ring styles.

Other names among the Great British Talent line-up include: independent jewellery valuer Shirley Mitchell of Shirley Mitchell FGA DGA Ltd; Helen Forder, Owner of PMC Studios, the distributor of precious metal clay; and Russell Lownsbrough and Danila Tarcinale of Waxcarving, an award-winning specialist in jewellery prototyping, design and manufacture.


Ahead of Jewellery & Watch 2017’s dedicated wearable tech seminar, we take a closer look at market and consumer expectations, and the themes that will shape smart watches and jewellery in the years ahead.

Discover the Minimal Watch Trend at Jewellery & Watch

With a growing array of watch brands taking part in Jewellery & Watch, we’ve been charting the new models and major trends sure to get buyers ticking with excitement in February.

There’s no doubt that the trend for minimal watches - those with simple, classic dials, leather straps and elegant design - has truly come to the fore in recent months. Visitors to Jewellery & Watch can discover vibrant new models that tap into the trend, alongside understated wristwatches that nod to the Bauhaus movement, and cool designs infused with ceramic.

Sunray by Limit

Offering affordable women’s designs, Limit’s will unveil its Sunray collection at Jewellery & Watch, with shimmering coloured dials - from purple to rose, turquoise and gold - complemented by matching tonal straps. With RRPs from £19.99 and two strap widths, these 33mm models are on trend and pocket friendly — great for self purchasing, trendsetting customers!

Bauhaus by Junkers

Beautiful in design, this hand-wound timepieces pays homage to Junkers founder Hugo Junkers, a brilliant inventor and aircraft manufacturer of the 1930s, who also understood how to combine cutting-edge technology with functional and reduced design. Launched in the autumn of 2016, Jewellery & Watch will welcome the Bauhaus, with its mirror polished, 40mm 316L steel case and heavily domed cover glass in the style of the 1960s.

Solar by Bering

The Bering Slim Solar collections’ energy source is environmentally friendly and infinitely available: light. Be it sunlight or that of your lamps at home, the solar cell under the dial of each Solar model stores power in a rechargeable secondary battery, running for up to 12 months, even if it is stored in complete darkness! The simple styling and milanese strap makes this RRP £239 model a winner for both the style-savvy and environmentally conscious customer - discover it at Jewellery & Watch.

The Kind by Royal London Watches

Described as fun, simple and reliable, The Kind wristwatch from Royal London sums up the minimal trend perfectly. Available with steel, rose gold tone or yellow gold tone cases, this model boasts a choice of five strap colours, including pink, turquoise and cream. Subtle in design yet bold thanks to its 41mm case, date window and linear indices, The Kind offers RRPs from £70, making it a must-see at Jewellery & Watch.


Jewellery & Watch Top Five Jewellery Trends 2017

Working closely with our partners at WGSN, we have gathered together the five jewellery trends to watch in 2017, based on WGSN’s womenswear forecasts for the year ahead.

Read on to discover our five trends to watch, designed to assist your buying decisions and directions at Jewellery & Watch 2017.

1. Industrious Design

This trend moves beyond the Scandi theme seen in jewellery, taking designs on a more industrial journey. Jewellery will remain minimal in style but will become chunkier and oversized in proportion, with ‘hardware’ inspirations. Gemstones are sparse. Those used will opaque and flat - facets are few and stone settings are seamless. Pale hues of enamel will add surface finishes.

Key Materials: Silver, white gold or stainless steel, with brass adding industrial edge and enamel adding subtle plays of colour.

Key Gemstones: Opaque or variated mineral stones such as agate, with marble or plastics used in costume-led designs.


2. Country Romance

Taking jewellery in softer, feminine directions, Country Romance evokes natural shades and textures. There will be a focus on copper tones in jewellery, matched with berry, chocolate and ochre-hued gemstones, along with glittering sunstones and creamy mineral stones. Metallics will weave through the trend; expect fabrics and textiles to make an appearance.

Key Materials: Rose gold and copper, polished bronze and pale yellow gold. Creamy plastics.

Key Gemstones: Smoky quartz, carnelian, tourmalines and olive green jade, black onyx.


3. Clean Opulence

Jewellery emerging from the Clean Opulence trend will be less ostentatious and opulent, with minimalist and maximalist styles becoming one. Expect long, flowing chain earrings that dust the shoulders, oversized pearl studs or simple cuffs set with single gemstones. Languid shapes feature sumptuous details for a polished yet understated look. Stones will be presented in bold block colours and often transparent, and metals will be finished with a contrast of matt and highlight polished surfaces.

Key Materials: Yellow gold or gold plated, stainless steel and chunky plastics in place of gemstones.

Key Gemstones: Pearl, emerald, garnet and rubellite, contrasted by transparent, fluid plastics in place of gemstones.


4. Grunge Glam

This direction juxtaposes goth style with prettier details: think velvet collars with crystal embellishments or oversized talismans set with black gemstones. Grunge Glam will present jewellery thats both romantic and a touch ‘tomboy’. Designs will be oversized; think statement earrings, collars and brooches that mesh contemporary styling with heritage details.

Key Materials: Silver, stainless steel and yellow gold tones, velvet, lace and leather will add texture and a grunge edge.

Key Gemstones: White crystals or zirconia in round brilliant cuts, smaller white pearls, black onyx, labradorite and amethyst in both pale and dark shades.


5. Pantone Colour of the Year: Greenery

The 2017 Colour of the Year, Greenery, is described as a ‘fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive’ - perfect as we kick off the new buying season at Jewellery & Watch. The bright green hue of Greenery also lends itself perfectly to jewellery's many green gemstones, from vibrant peridot - the traditional birthstone to August - to green amethyst, jade, green onyx and paler hues of emerald and tourmaline. We can’t wait to see how jewellers play with Greenery, and the application of the colour through other materials such as textiles, enamel and beads.

Key Materials: Peridot, tourmaline, emerald, green onyx, jade, glass, enamel


Make silver jewellery your must-have


Does a beautiful product that provides a positive ROI, boosts sales figures and encourages repeat custom sound too good to be true? Believe us when we tell you it exists: silver jewellery.

It’s already working wonders for a host of gift and lifestyle retailers who have diversified into offering silver jewellery, whether stud earrings, pendants or themed designs. Now, gift and lifestyle retailers have the opportunity improve their own store’s performance, sourcing silver jewellery collections at Jewellery & Watch. 

Bath’s contemporary lifestyle store Quadri increased its range of silver jewellery to provide greater wow-factor in store, alongside premium price points. As a result, Quadri is now welcoming a regular trail of customers - and a younger demographic - on the hunt for unusual jewellery designs. “We’re always on the lookout for new inspiration to add to our ever-growing collection,” says Quadri’s director Harriet Fox. “Wearing gold-plated silver and mixed metals is also becoming very popular because it’s a way of introducing gold at a more affordable price; this has broadened the possibilities even more.”

Tina Fox-Edwards, the founder of online gift retailer Country & Home describes the benefits of stocking equestrian-themed silver jewellery. “I went into silver jewellery to expand my product range, having started off with mainly men’s gifts such as cufflinks,” she explains. “I have been pleasantly surprised, especially at Christmas, with how much jewellery sells. Typically it is anything up to £150, though I have recently sold pieces for over £200.”

As a result, Fox-Edwards plans to increase her jewellery collections in the year ahead — and what better a place to discover an array of British and international silver jewellery collections than at Jewellery & Watch 2017?

At the heart of the jewellery industry, Jewellery & Watch provides gift retailers with access to an ever-growing number of silver jewellery labels, from independent designers to award-winning international brands. Among the names to look out for in 2017 are charm brand Amulette, silver brand Azendi, Fiorello Silver and Gecko for affordable, trend-setting basics and gifting favourites Hot Diamonds and Jo for Girls. 

Desiree Pringle, creative director at Gecko, notes: “Jewellery makes the perfect versatile gift, for special occasions such as Valentine’s, Mothers’ Day and Christmas, as well as everyday gifting opportunities. There are so many great looks on-trend at the moment, including really easy, everyday looks that appeal to a wide customer base.”

“There is no doubt that there has been a major shift in the past few years in the acceptance and awareness — by the consumer — of good quality, well-designed jewellery,” says jewellery wholesale Peter O’Loughlin, who will bring premium brand Coeur de Lion to Jewellery & Watch.  “This creates a huge opportunity for the gift shop market in particular to be able to offer its customers well-designed, competitively-priced and more unusual and discerning items of jewellery.”

Offering his own tips for retailers considering the move into silver jewellery, O’Loughlin says:

  • Ask the designer or brand about their bestsellers to gauge what works in store
  • Find out if they offer supporting point-of-sale and packaging to use for displays
  • Discuss prices but be aware: the lowest-priced silver doesn't always mean the best, and you are better to encourage your customer to spend more on quality items
  • If you take on a silver brand, host an event to launch it and win new silver jewellery customers from the outset

So what are you waiting for? Register to attend Jewellery & Watch 2017 and dare to diversify into silver jewellery. It might be the best decision you make this show season.



Smart Watches and Jewellery - What’s Next?

Jan 2017

With Forbes this year reporting on the future of wearable tech, indicating that 411 million smart wearable devices, worth a staggering $34 billion, will be sold in 2020, it is clear this section of the market cannot be ignored by British jewellery and watch retailers. 

The data, compiled by digital and mobile analysts CCS Insight, also forecast the wearables market to hit $14 billion in 2016, dominated by smart watches and fitness trackers, which will make up about 50% of items sold. 

So where will this section of the market head, and what can retailers do to ensure they are able to capture the opportunities that wearable devices offer? 

Smart Watches

According to Hugh Langley, editor at, smartwatch makers are focusing on two big areas: looks and fitness. Notably, smart watches are beginning to shed their clean lines and tech-inspired aesthetic in favour of more traditional wristwatch design - round cases, leather straps and classic dials. Such examples include the recently launched Skagen Hagen smart watch and Hugo Boss’ range of Smart Classic models. 

Fossil Group’s bid to launch 100 wearables in 2016 has seen it roll out stylish watches and devices under brand names including Diesel, Michael Kors and Kate Spade, positioning these products to a fashion-focused consumer, with price points that rarely tip over the £300 mark. "We know technology is a major disruptor in many industries right now - even fashion," said Fossil Group’s chief creative officer Jill Elliot in October 2016. "But to successfully merge the two, we need to have the fashion design expertise and focus on it first."

With design also front of mind, albeit more minimal, Sony’s FES watch is a paper-thin monochrome timepiece with a strap that can change appearance (by pattern or design) at the touch of a button, paving the way for smart watches that use tech not only for functionality but also personalisation.

The market for fitness devices is also huge with an increasing number of activity-specific wearables coming to market (think golf, swimming and yoga), becoming a personal coach that tracks an individuals’ progress. This year’s Apple Watch Series 2 was tailored to offer improved apps for health monitoring, while wearables and watches that track hydration or match the wearer’s fitness routine with their music library are already emerging in the market. 

“We’re also seeing a few new materials creep in,” adds Hugh Langley. “Screens are a really important feature, and [materials company] Corning recently announced a new version of Gorilla Glass that’s built specifically for wearables — so we expect to see that feature heavily. These devices are on our wrists and more prone to bumps and scuffs than our phones, so it’s important that they’re built with that in mind.”

Smart Jewellery 

With Swarovski, Bellabeat and Ringly among the names making waves in smart jewellery, major brands will continue to debut jewellery products in the smart sector — and retailers have the opportunity to be the first to present new, exciting and contemporary designs to their customers. 

Sophie Charara, features editor at Wareable notes: “In smart jewellery, the features to expect are still evolving. We’re seeing alerts, fitness and sleep tracking and even smart home controls packed into stylish smart accessories that look very similar to what you’d expect from [regular] jewellery.”

“Bling can do all sorts of things,” says dedicated wearable sites Appcessories. “There are fitness trackers, NFC payment capabilities are also being built in, mood and body metrics can be regulated from the wrist, and there are even features to keep women safe.”

Leaf is a design available from Bellabeat that can be worn close to the body as a pendant, a bracelet or clipped to clothing like a brooch. It tracks its wearer’s activity, sleep, stress, menstrual cycle and fertility, and even encourages meditation, on a battery that lasts six months without the need to change it.

In India, meanwhile, a group of IT graduates were inspired to create a personal safety wearable that doubles as jewellery, programmed to trigger an alarm and send signals to pre-identified phone numbers in case of an emergency. 

Utilising precious metals and faceted gemstones to make smart jewellery all the more attractive, brands such as Ringly offer smart rings and watches that connect to your phone via Bluetooth and let the wearer receive customised mobile notifications through vibration and a subtle colour-coded light. Even quirkier, its box doubles as a charger to power up a Ringly ring when needed. 

Jewellery designs that supports mobile tap-and-pay are also emerging. Offering an on-the-go solution, BPay from Barclaycard provides contactless payment through wristbands and ‘loops’ that can be attached to a wristwatch or fitness bracelet, allowing the wearer to pay quickly for an item or pass through travel gates with the tap of a wrist. While it might not be heavy on style, BPay is certainly functional. 

Looking ahead, Sophie Charara has her eye on the brands: “In terms of brands to watch, it’s still a mix of startups like Ringly in New York, Vinaya in London, as well as the new line of Kate Spade bands and bangles plus Fossil’s own Q series. And don’t forget, Fitbit is working with designers like Tory Burch, Vera Wang and Public School to make jewellery accessories for its trackers.”

Wearables Seminar

Find out more about wearables and smart jewellery at February’s Jewellery & Watch seminar, The rise of wearable technology and smart jewellery- is it the way forward?, which will feature panellists including Matthew Drinkwater, head of the Fashion Innovation Agency at London College of Fashion and Sarah Ysabel Dyne-Narici, jewellery designer.

Jewellery & Watch will take place from 5-9 February 2017 at the NEC Birmingham


Silver jewellery to shine at Jewellery & Watch 2017: Discover collections that will boost your ROI

JAN 2017


Jewellery & Watch is set to shine in 2017 with new and exclusive collections from more than 75 brands, perfect for lifestyle and gift retailers seeking to diversify their product range. Offering pocket-friendly silver collections and must-have premium brands, retailers can source product lines to help boost their ROI, encourage repeat customers, and win higher average spend. 

Desiree Pringle, Creative Director at Gecko, commented:
“Jewellery makes the perfect versatile gift, for special occasions such as Valentine’s, Mothers’ Day and Christmas, as well as everyday gifting opportunities. There are so many great looks on-trend at the moment, including really easy, everyday looks that appeal to a wide customer base. There is also no size restriction to be considered as there often is with clothing and accessories, which makes silver jewellery an easy win.” 

Tina Fox-Edwards, founder of online gift store Country & Home, shares her experience: “I went into silver jewellery to expand my product range [and] I have been pleasantly surprised, especially at Christmas, with how much jewellery sells for. Typically it is anything up to £150 per transaction although I have recently sold pieces for over £200.”

Jewellery & Watch will present new collections from a range of established and directional silver jewellery brands, offering retailers a route to market with ranges perfectly suited to gifting and self-purchase. fiorelli

Contemporary charm brand Amulette will unveil their new lines, with modern silver essentials to be presented by Gecko, trendsetting designs from Fiorelli Silver, and children’s collections by Jo for Girls. Sif Jakobs Jewellery and Drakenburg will bring Scandinavian cool to the silver brands on offer, while Azendi and Hot Diamonds will showcase their classic, modern collections with price points, point-of-sale and packaging that will appeal to a broad range of retailers. 

Gecko         fiorelli

Julie Driscoll, Portfolio Director for Jewellery & Watch at Ascential, commented: 
“Our 2017 show is the perfect opportunity to showcase our outstanding array of silver jewellery brands to non-jewellery retailers and those that have so far only sold fashion jewellery. Working with buyers across the UK, we recognise that silver jewellery can be hugely beneficial to independent boutiques and retailers, offering a great ROI for a small amount of shelf space, and the chance to add a premium range of jewellery to an existing gift-led or lifestyle product offer.”

Jewellery & Watch will take place from 5-9 February 2017 at the NEC Birmingham, co-located with Spring Fair. For more information, visit


Mulberry founder Roger Saul to headline Jewellery & Watch

DEC 2016

Roger SaulJewellery & Watch has confirmed Mulberry founder Roger Saul as its headline speaker for 2017. The globally esteemed accessories designer and entrepreneur will join a line-up of over 30 speakers across the five days to provide a keynote talk on Monday 6th February, not to be missed by brands and retailers alike.

Best known for founding Mulberry in 1971, Saul’s reputable career has seen the evolution of a homemade accessories label into one of the most successful British fashion brands and exporters in the world. His 33 years at the forefront of the business welcomed a whole host of exciting designer collaborations, Fashion Week shows and highly esteemed awards, including the Queens Award for Export, which marked the start of global triumph for the brand in the 1980s.

More recently, Saul’s business ventures have included the opening and running of Charlton House hotel, now recognised as one of the best designer boutique hotels in the world, along with the development of Sharpham Park into an organic farm offering sustainably farmed food, and the launch of Kilver Court Designer Village. An ongoing project today, Saul deems renewal and regeneration as the driving forces behind the vision for making Kilver Court the best designer shopping experience in the UK.

Saul will share highlights from his remarkable career to date with visitors at Jewellery & Watch on Monday 6th February at 3:15pm offering firsthand insight on successfully building a brand, retailing worldwide and overcoming challenges along the way.

Roger Saul’s keynote talk will add to five days of insightful and engaging content at Jewellery & Watch, with other confirmed speakers including Mary Portas, Fei Liu and Alex Monroe, to name a few.

Jewellery & Watch will take place between February 5 to 9 2017 at the NEC Birmingham.


Industry figureheads front dynamic content programme for Jewellery & Watch 2017

November 2016

Jewellery & Watch celebrates being “the heart of the jewellery industry” with  leading figureheads collaborating to front its 2017 content programme: Harriet Kelsall, bespoke jewellery designer and retailer, Fei Liu, fine jewellery designer, Simon Johnson, Chairman of the National Association of Jewellers and owner of Marmalade Jewellery, Alex Monroe, jewellery designer and Gary Wroe, MD of Hockley Mint.

The event will offer retailers our most diverse and inspirational seminar programme to date.  Each day has a theme, including our exciting collaboration with the National Association of Jewellers - NAJ Live

Harriet KelsallOur key industry figures will act as the ‘Faces’ of each day and showcase topics close to their heart, with specially authored content to help retailers improve business performance. Subjects will range from branding, understanding the minds of the consumer, driving sales for 2017 and digital strategy. 

Day One will be dedicated to Retail Online Marketing. Must-attend seminars offer retailers advice on digital consumer habits and what drives their customers to shop online, follow their business on social media and become enthusiastic brand advocates. Industry innovator, bespoke jewellery designer and business trailblazer Harriet Kelsall, commented:  

“I love telling individual customers' stories by designing and making beautiful jewellery which expresses each wearer's style and personality perfectly. Jewellery & Watch offers a great chance to catch up with peers and to look at new products and innovations. The show illustrates the great and collaborative industry in which we work.”

Fei Liu

Birmingham Jeweller Fei Liu will take the reins for Day Two as the show moves its focus to Personality and Brand. A well-known personality on the international jewellery circuit, Fei Liu understands firsthand what is needed to create and run a fine jewellery and silver brand. The day will deliver vital business insight and keynote seminars, tailored to give retailers and brands the tools they need to stand out from the crowd and entice customers to buy.

Simon Johnson“Jewellery and Watch is critical for a fast start to the trading year. It is the perfect opportunity for retailers to discover brands and collections, expand their offering and enrich the personality of their store for the year ahead.” Fei Lui said.

Day Three will celebrate the inaugural launch of NAJ Live, the National Association of Jewellers’ content programme, led by the Association’s chairman and Marmalade Jewellery co-founder, Simon Johnson. Visitors can expect live demonstrations and seminars on how to make and save money in 2017. Johnson, commented:

“Jewellery & Watch is the event that kicks off the jewellery calendar every year. It is the perfect start to the buying season.”
The penultimate day of Jewellery & Watch will present a series of How Toguides. These highlight those important aspects of running a jewellery business, such as capturing product photographs and the latest developments in responsible sourcing. Acclaimed British jeweller Alex Monroe will be the Face of the day, representing the crossover between design, craftsmanship and successful branding in jewellery. Commenting on Jewellery & Watch, Monroe said; 

Alex monroe

“It brings us together. It’s an opportunity to show off our latest creations, to network, and to exchange ideas.  It’s a great way of showcasing to stockists from all around the UK.”

Gary wroe

Our final day will be dedicated to the Next Generation of talent and trends across the jewellery industry. We are inviting UK jewellery and silversmithing students to learn, network and be inspired by the people behind the brands at Jewellery & Watch. Gary Wroe, Managing Director of Hockley Mint, will lead the day, joined by other key industry figures. They will share first-hand advice about their careers in the trade - from apprenticeships through to being influential business owners. Wroe commented;

“When I attended secondary school, I wanted to be a jeweller. Working with precious metals, stones and creating something special really appealed to me. Jewellery and Watch is a celebration of everything that is great about the jewellery industry. For our business it is key to driving sales momentum at the beginning of the year.”

The Faces of Jewellery & Watch will be joined by a whole host of speakers, industry influencers and inspiring brands for five days of unrivalled buying and networking opportunities to kick-start the events calendar. 

Jewellery & Watch will take place between February 5 to 9 2017 at the NEC Birmingham.


Fashion Jewellery and Gift Brands Bring Must-Haves to Jewellery & Watch 2017

31 Oct 2016

Jewellery & Watch Birmingham 2017 is set to shine with a host of must-have jewellery and gifts from leading exhibitors.

With exciting new exhibitors already signed up to the 2017 edition of the iconic NEC show, Jewellery & Watch Birmingham promises buyers a one-stop shop for fashion jewellery, silver jewellery and gift-led product.

Uno de 50 will return to the show with a striking collection dedicated to finding a city’s hidden gems. The brand, which hand makes all of its pieces in Spain, will use Jewellery & Watch to launch its highly anticipated City Paradises collection, which pays homage to cities’ hidden gardens and enclaves. From the floral and fauna of gardens to the edginess of underground clubs, City Paradises will offer four distinct collections that evoke a different mood. uno de 50 jewellery look book image

Leading jewellery manufacturer Gecko will showcase the freshest fashion and silver jewellery lines at Jewellery & Watch Birmingham, with highlights from its hero brands Orla Kiely and Fiorelli Silver.

Speaking of the new collections launching in spring 2017, Gecko’s head designer Desiree Pringle hints at heavier silver designs, graphic shapes and clean angles. Expect collars, torques and textured metals, alongside sleek celestial themes.

“We will be mixing textures on metal to create pace and interest where we don't embellish with stones,” Pringle explains. “Sculptural clean profiles continue to be important for us across our Fiorelli collections in particular, with asymmetric styling adding further interest. Ombre will make a colour impact.”

Always popular at Jewellery & Watch Birmingham, Unique & Co. will make return for its 17th year at the show with its bold stand of silver collections, fashion jewellery and specialist men’s designs. 

“We will evolve our collection and add different colour platings to our men’s collections, such as blue and brown,” notes Unique & Co. director Daniel Ozel. “For the silver ladies collection we will introduce more bracelets and bangles, and we engraving will be a big trend, so we are planning to offer engraving services for our customers, alongside a complete engraveable collection.”

fiorelli jewellery silver collection


As the company approaches two decades showing at Jewellery & Watch Birmingham, Ozel notes the importance of being part of this major show’s exhibitor line-up. “The show offers us a great platform to present our latest collections and also to communicate directly with our customers and get their feedback as well, which is very important. Further, the show attracts a lot of new clients besides the regular jewellers, such as gift shops and trend shops, which are also important.”

With gifts in mind, Scotland’s Dalvey will bring a fashionable range of men’s gifts and lifestyle products to Jewellery & Watch. Describing the show as a useful one-stop hub to catch up with familiar faces and meet new retail partners, the company will wow buyers with collections including pocket watches, credit card cases, travel clocks and compasses.

“This season we’re excited to be launching a range of contemporary re-imaginings of celebrated Dalvey classics,” says Dalvey creative director Neil Grant.

Among items leading the brand’s latest range are capsule clocks, credit card cases and pocket watches. The company will introduce contrasting materials and finishes, utilising silicon, stainless steel and new technology such as RFID shielding to protect against fraud of contactless cards.

“There will be an exciting use of colour and texture, and a continued focus on accessorising the modern gentleman, with an emphasis on pocket watches – building on the huge success of the launches in this category over the last two seasons,” Grant adds.


Jewellery & Watch will take place between February 5 to 9 2017 at the NEC Birmingham.


Diamonds Dominate at Jewellery & Watch Birmingham 2017

31 Oct 2016

Leading bridal and fine jewellery companies will showcase brand new collections at Jewellery & Watch Birmingham 2017, sealing the show’s role as a the premier UK event for new bridal launches.

Within the show’s new Fine & Diamond section, Domino Jewellery, Gemex, Hockley Mint and Clogau will headline 2017’s line-up of bridal brands, with new diamond designs, trends and retail solutions set to dazzle buyers.

Domino’s bestselling Sienna range will continue to inspire at J&W 2017, with marketing co-ordinator Chantelle Serrell-Cooke stating: “Our Sienna collection combines the latest trends with years of design expertise to provide retailers with fashion led, commercial rings. All pieces within the range have distinctive design influences whether it is from the designer’s travels or from a piece of literature they have read, the hint of Russian cupola, or the stark, clean lines of art deco." domino jewellery ring at jewellery and watch

“Our new ‘enhancer’ is an ideal way for women who are sentimental about upgrading their engagement ring to keep their original ring while creating a more showy, statement piece and achieving a totally fresh new look,” she adds. 

With bold, eye-catching cabochon stones, such as classic ruby and blue sapphires, as well as semi-precious stones peridot, iolite, citrine, and garnet, bridal retailers should also look out for Domino’s popular Rosabella and Sienna collections to compliment their collections.

Popular J&W exhibitor Clogau will present a sparkling update to its bridal collection Clogau Compose at J&W, which will be available in a new default of Fairtrade and Welsh gold, developed as the company creates links between its artisanal Welsh mining history and the Peruvian Fairtrade gold mines. clogau compose collection

Clogau is also working on a number of initiatives to support Compose, including a bridal fragrance, new packaging and a marketing campaign for 2017. 

It will also launch around 50 new lines across its main collection at J&W, with growing popularity for 9ct gold. “The reception to our latest collection has exceeded even our expectations,” says Clogau head of brand development Sonia Menezes. “Our new 9ct pieces have been particularly successful; Serenade, Eternity & Celebration are the stand out pieces.”

Returning for another sparkling year, Hatton Garden’s Gemex will present its luxurious bridal lines at J&W, describing the show as a chance to build on the business’ great success in 2016.

Concentrating on new engagement, eternity and wedding rings with a contemporary feel, Gemex will bring the latest in halo style engagement rings and matching bands to J&W 2017. Speaking of bridal trends, Gemex sales director Lee Ruben states: “Platinum is still the number one choice for our customers, alongside engagement rings with cushions, emerald cuts and ovals.”

The company will also launch a fresh update to its retailer support package, with improved sample rings. “We’ll be launching a new box of silver and CZ sample rings at J&W, which have previously proved to be a massive hit in hundreds of jewellery stores across the UK and Ireland,” Ruben adds.

Also lauding the success of their sample ring boxes, Birmingham’s Hockley Mint has selected J&W to reveal fresh bridal designs. The business will present an update to its diamond wedding ring collection, created to meet retailer demand and in line with its strategy to offer more fully-finished, ready-to-wear diamond product. hockley mint jewellery designer bridal ring

Hockley Mint marketing manager Sam Stevens reveals: “We are continuing our focus on bridal – expanding our MariMe range to offer more popular stone sizes throughout the existing designs. Our design aesthetics have developed a more feminine feel and this will continue in our Wedfit styles and also matching bridal sets.”

Having launched its brand new trade-facing website at J&W 2016, Hockley Mint will continue to develop its online systems, making browsing and ordering online much easier for its clients, while creating more options for design customisation.


Jewellery & Watch will take place between February 5 to 9 2017 at the NEC Birmingham.


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